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leaves.gifOur mission is to promote, develop and operate profitable innovative clean technologies that contribute to the improvement of our environment by use of sustainable business practices and the judicious use of natural resources.

CDFA Approved


The following Converted Organics products are certified as Organic Input Materials by CDFA:

  • Converted Organics 421
  • Converted Organics GP
  • Converted Organics PC FISH
  • Converted Organics LC
  • Converted Organics XK
  • Converted Organics Soil Start 7-1-1

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Product FAQ

ag_collageThese pages are devoted to answering the most commonly asked questions about our products.

If you don't find an answer for a question that you have we ask that you use this form, and one of our representatives will respond to you.

Are Converted Organics fertilizers safe for children and pets?

Yes. Converted Organics all natural fertilizers are made from organic ingredients. There are no synthetic chemicals used in our process and no harmful synthetic chemicals in our products. We do not require any protective clothing or eye protection to be worn when applying. There are no warning flags to be placed on the lawn and no required waiting periods before it is safe to resume activity on lawns and play areas. Converted Organics fertilizers are so safe that kids and pets can play even when fertilizer is being applied.

Are Converted Organics fertilizers safe for the environment?

Yes. There are no synthetic chemicals in our fertilizer. The nutrients are derived from all natural organic ingredients and actually enrich and become part of the soil. Converted Organics fertilizers work in harmony with nature and will not contaminate ground water, the source of our drinking water. Our fertilizer will not leach or run off. Converted Organics fertilizer is not only safe, it is also beneficial to the environment.

How do I apply Converted Organics fertilizer?

Converted Organics fertilizer is prilled to a specific size granular that will work with most spreaders. Simply follow spreader recommendations on the package. You can also safely apply our products by hand. You do not have to be concerned with over applying - no chemicals mean it won't burn the grass or the roots. When using organic fertilizer for the first time we recommend a double dose of approximately 10 lbs. of fertilizer per 1,000 sq.ft., and all subsequent applications should be applied at a rate of 5 lbs. per 1,000 sq.ft. This is done to stimulate the soil and jump start the soil enrichment recovery process.

Do Converted Organics all natural fertilizers work as well as chemical fertilizers that have a high percentage of synthetic nitrogen?

Not only do they work as well, the green up will last longer. Organic fertilizers feed the soil by enriching it with nutrients and organic matter. When the plant calls for nutrition it sends a signal to the soil and the soil delivers the nutrients to the plant. This is the way nature intended it to work. You have to be a little patient - it will take about 7 days to see the results of the fertilizer application (green up). However, it will continue to feed the grass for 8 to 10 weeks. The roots will be deeper and stronger, the color will last longer, the soil will be built up and the nutritional value will be restored. All this with fewer applications each season.

Why does it take longer for organic fertilizer to work than synthetic chemical fertilizers? What is the difference?

Chemical fertilizers feed the plant, not the soil. They provide a highly concentrated amount of nitrogen to the plant resulting in instant green up (2 to 3 days), but the effectiveness doesn't last. Organic fertilizers feed the soil, break down slowly and feed the plant only the amount of nutrients that the plant calls for. When you purchase a 40 lb bag of chemical fertilizer with a NPK value of 29-2-4 you are getting 35% synthetic chemical nutrients and 65% or 26 Lbs. of inert ingredients that contribute nothing. When you purchase a bag of Converted Organics 8-1-4 NPK you get 14% all natural usable nutrients and 86% organic matter that enriches and restores the microbial activity in the soil.

Can Converted Organics fertilizers be used near bodies of water (ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and brooks)?

Yes. Converted Organics fertilizer is a slow release fertilizer that depends on microbial activity to break it down. Because of this slow release characteristic our fertilizer won't leach into the surrounding water. Converted Organics fertilizer is attracted to the ground and actually becomes one with the soil and consequently it will not readily run off. You can apply Converted Organics fertilizer to water's edge; however, we do recommend that you check the weather prior to application to ensure that there are no downpours forecasted immediately after you intend to spread the fertilizer. Our water supply is too precious to risk any further contamination.

Does Converted Organics fertilizer have an offensive odor?

No. Converted Organics fertilizer is not made from manure or sludge- based products that are typically associated with offensive odor. Our process, which is an accelerated composting process, removes all odor. Our fertilizer is odorless and will not become odorous after watering or sitting exposed to extreme sun and heat.

Is it more expensive to use organic fertilizer than synthetic chemical fertilizer?

The answer is no. It is actually less expensive over the course of the entire growing season because fewer applications are needed. Chemical fertilizer regiments usually require a treatment or application every four weeks because they do not provide nutrients for extended periods of time. They leach, run off and break down quickly and although they provide good color they do not last. Competitive pricing, good coverage and fewer applications result in less cost over a full growing season when you use organic fertilizer.

What about crabgrass and lawn disease - don't I need chemicals to treat them?

No. Converted Organics fertilizer will provide a thick healthy lawn with solid root structure that will overpower most lawn weed problems and prevent their occurrence. We have also documented test results that indicate that our fertilizer has substantial disease suppression ability which will allow you to reduce or eliminate the use of synthetic chemical fungicides. If you are focused on a chemical free lawn or garden there are non chemical treatments that can be utilized to combat problems should they arise. We recommend using localized solutions to address problem areas, and not chemically treating an entire lawn to address a few isolated problems spots. Be safe, be smart and be environmentally aware.

Why should I switch to Converted Organics fertilizers from traditional synthetic chemical fertilizers?

Chemical fertilizers have been around since the end of World War II and were developed only because there was an abundance of ammonium nitrate left over from making bombs.

Going organic is the natural choice if you care about the environment, healthy living, clean chemical free water, safety for children's play areas, nutritious produce, soil restoration and doing it the way nature intended.