Our Mission

leaves.gifOur mission is to promote, develop and operate profitable innovative clean technologies that contribute to the improvement of our environment by use of sustainable business practices and the judicious use of natural resources.

CDFA Approved


The following Converted Organics products are certified as Organic Input Materials by CDFA:

  • Converted Organics 421
  • Converted Organics GP
  • Converted Organics PC FISH
  • Converted Organics LC
  • Converted Organics XK
  • Converted Organics Soil Start 7-1-1

View the letter from CDFA.

Our Process

At the heart of the Converted Organics process is a technology that permits nature to take its course. In short, the technology relies on the same principles that allow you to compost food waste in your backyard. Like backyard composting, the process utilizes oxygen to avoid the build up of strong odors that would occur under anaerobic conditions. The process takes this one step further by introducing additional oxygen into a closed, carefully monitored tank, as a way to greatly accelerate the digestion process. What would take months to compost can be quickly converted to a useful all natural fertilizer product in a matter of hours.

The following diagram illustrates the process in more detail.

htlc flow chart v3