Our Mission

leaves.gifOur mission is to promote, develop and operate profitable innovative clean technologies that contribute to the improvement of our environment by use of sustainable business practices and the judicious use of natural resources.

CDFA Approved


The following Converted Organics products are certified as Organic Input Materials by CDFA:

  • Converted Organics 421
  • Converted Organics GP
  • Converted Organics PC FISH
  • Converted Organics LC
  • Converted Organics XK
  • Converted Organics Soil Start 7-1-1

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Liquid Soil Amendment

liquid_b.pngConverted Organics produces an all natural liquid organic soil amendment that has documented turf test results that show substantial disease suppression for dollar spot, brown patch and anthracnose.

Two Year Turf Study

Cornell University: Dr. Rossi: Creeping bentgrass/Poa annua, Strong foliar disease suppression: Dollar Spot, Brown Patch, Anthracnose: 2005.

Cornell University: Dr. Rossi: Creeping bentrass/Poa annua: Second year, exceptionally strong foliar disease suppression of Dollar Spot, Anthracnose: 2006.

“It is likely that the products might be having an undefined biostimulant effect on turf performance. These could be soil microbial activities as well as plant hormone production.”

The concentrated liquid has hormonal and antioxidant characteristics resulting in environmental stress reduction as it relates to heat, drought and salinity.

The tests have identified microflora from the Converted Organics liquid that strongly inhibits the growth of 10 pathogenic fungi in-vitro.

The test results also confirm that use of the liquid increases microbial activity 200% to 600%.